Bittenfile - Personal Project



The idea came when I had to print a document on a fast printing services and i not have a USB flash drive. So I sent the file to my gmail. Upon arriving at the fast printing services and accessing gmail, i saw that I was logged into an account of another person. Then came the idea of creating a mobile application that I can transfer files and photos from your smartphone to a PC and vice versa without the need for a cable or USB flash drive.

Easily transfer your files from your smartphone to your pc or vice versa.

Save your files in clouds

Transfer your files without the need for a cable or USB stick. Upload your files from your smartphone with app for android and download them to any device using extension or app for google chrome, software for windows, mac os, or even the website.

Complete small tasks

Share or send your file to any email, zip and download, rename, send a short link of your file to be downloaded from anywhere.

It's Free

Bittenfile was made for you with love. And it's totally free. Our only request is that you can share the bittenfile with your friends.

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  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • UI Design
  • Development Mobile App Android and IOS with IntelXDK
  • Development Google Chrome Extension
  • Development Google Chrome App
  • Development Software for Windows with Electron
  • Development Software for Mac with Electron